Elon Musk allegedly flew to the UK to search for a possible site for the Tesla plant


Tesla CEO Elon Musk may have flown to the UK earlier this week amid rumors that Tesla is considering a factory there. Musk, we learned, could have taken his private jet out of the United States to join the United Kingdom.

Tesla reports of setting up a vehicle research and development center and a gigafactory in the UK have taken a more concrete form in recent times and have aroused great enthusiasm in the country. Tesla currently only makes cars in the United States and Shanghai. He is building a gigafactory in Germany although here he has faced the wrath of the locals for allegedly cutting down trees to make room for construction.

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According to Mirror of the United Kingdom, the “managers” were looking for an open area for industrial space of four million square feet. A Bridgewater industrial park in Somerset would have taken the lead among other options available.

Mirror also noted that rumors suggested that Musk’s private jet landed at London Luton Airport on Wednesday and took off the next day. A rule for quarantining foreign travelers to Great Britain comes into effect on June 8.

Musk’s visit could fuel speculation because Britain needs gigafactories to meet the growing need for electric cars and batteries, Tesla is known for its large facilities that generate jobs and generate income. Cities like Tulsa in American Oklahoma have even repainted their iconic statue to make it look like Musk, in an effort to woo the company.

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Tesla’s construction plant in Germany – just outside Berlin, may have faced anger from environmentalists, but most experts also point to the benefits of having the facility here.

As such, Musk could go global and grow big to have more facilities outside the United States and could help Tesla take an even more dominant position in the electric mobility segment.


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