Elias Reveals That He Was Supposed To Face The Undertaker In Saudi Arabia


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

In the course of The Last Ride: Undertaker documentary on The Undertaker and his career have given us a ton of incredible overview of the legendary superstar career. The social media outlet, WWE superstar Elias has given us even more, revealing that it was in fact him who was ready to take on The Undertaker, in Saudi Arabia, in 2019.

According to Elias in a post on Instagram, the game has actually been made between himself and The Undertaker. If you remember, a segment between the two occurred, which, apparently, has been set in advance in a match in Saudi Arabia. However, as he says, things have changed, and The Croque-instead went on to face Goldberg in a match that many decried as one of the worst in the recent history of the WWE.

It is not known exactly how things would have gone afterwards, but Elias ends his message by saying that The Undertaker is still “one of the greatest ever to do it”, and tells us all to continue to look at The Last tour to learn more about the man.

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