Edmonton Prospects publishes renderings for the new ball field in Spruce Grove


After failing to reach a new agreement with the city of Edmonton for a new baseball stadium, the Prospects Edmonton has published plans for a new park in Spruce Grove. Earlier this spring, the team announced that it would move to Spruce Grove in 2022.

On Tuesday, Gold Sports and Entertainment Group has unveiled its vision of the baseball stadium, “modern urban”.

It includes a new shopping district and a walk, a pub, micro-brewery, with a dining room, an amphitheater with music before games, and condominiums.

“We are also determined to provide an experience that is baseball to our fans like no other, because we see this point, in partnership with the major League baseball game of the canadian West, at the cutting edge of very exciting times,” said the president of Gold Sports, Patrick Cassidy.

The park is expected to open its doors in 2022.

The Leads previously played at the Re / Max ” Field, which was rented to a group led by former Edmonton Oiler Randy Gregg earlier this year.

The Leads have announced the end of may that the team would not be in season this summer due to the pandemic of COVID-19.


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