Edge Phoenix previously wanted another race for the evaluated RKO, Beth Phoenix accepts the promotion of Christian RAW


As seen in the video above, the WWE Hall of Famer Edge appeared on RAW Talk last night with hosts Samoa Joe and Charly Caruso, to discuss his rivalry with Randy Orton before Sunday’s game at WWE Backlash.Joe asked Edge where things had gone wrong between him and Orton to get there.

“I think he decided he was the judge for me,” said Edge. “When he was the one who was going to decide what was best for me instead of listening to what I thought was best for me. And sometimes our judgment can be clouded when we are dealing with ourselves. I don’t think it was, and I feel like he was wrong. You know … pull me aside, don’t tell me RKO. This is not the way to get the message out. Now we have opened a box of worms that we cannot close again, and now we are here. ”

Caruso asked Edge if there was another route they could have taken. He said he would have loved to team up with Orton for another RKO-ranked race.

“I would have loved to see the RKO Ranked take another ride together,” said Edge. “And of course the audience that night… you heard it, they wanted it too, and I was more than willing to walk this road and when he said it, I was looking forward to it and it was maybe because part of me was doubtful, “Can I do this by myself? Right now until I take my feet, until I regain my awareness of the ring, until I somehow recover this callous bump, maybe do it in a team of tag with Randy Orton is the best way to do that? And then, wham! ”

Edge found Christian for a Peep Show segment on RAW last night, which was interrupted by Orton on the big screen. Christian mentioned during his promotion that Edge’s mother, Judy, who died in November 2018, was always with him in all of his games, just in the front row to support him.

Edge’s wife, WWE Hall of Fame, Beth Phoenix, visited Twitter and accepted Christian.

“I believe in you with all my heart @EdgeRatedR …and what @ Christian4Peeps says it’s a shoot. Judy will always be with you. First row. #WWEBacklash @WWE, ” she wrote.

Edge vs Orton to take place this Sunday at WWE Backlash and is touted as “The Greatest Wrestling Match ever” by WWE. You can click here for minor spoiler notes from the match recording.


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