easyJet, BA, Ryanair and Jet2: rules relating to the cost of hand luggage when you are traveling with british airlines | New travel | Travel



Passengers of Ryanair are allowed to carry free of charge one hand luggage in the cabin, provided it is 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm.

Priority customers, on the other hand, have the right to a small piece of hand baggage regular meeting the dimensions 40 cm x 20 cm x 25 cm, as well as a bag larger weighing up to 10 kg.

This bag greater must fit the dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

Clients in non-priority can add a carry-on bag of 10 kg to their online booking or at check-in, however, it will be subject to an additional fee.

Customers must also pay a fee for checked-in baggage, with costs ranging between 10 £ and 25 £ for a bag of 10 kg, depending on the volume

In addition, checked baggage weighing 20 kg or more cost about 25 £, during the booking of the flight, and about 40 £ at a later date.

The cost of baggage can be more expensive at the airport.

Despite the advice of the government, Ryanair has criticised the recommendation relating to hand baggage, claiming instead that the passengers should “minimize checked baggage,” according to Reuters.

A spokesman for Ryanair said that?: “We encourage the bags cabin extra, as this reduces the risk of COVID-19, for report to the councils idiots of the ministry of Transport to maximise the baggage, which pass through eight sets of hands and different, and greatly increase the risk of COVID-19. ”


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