EastEnders winks at past in unintentionally historic final scene as soap disappears


EastEnders aired historic scenes Tuesday night for two main reasons.Fans may have noticed a nod to the past regarding a certain script line and a certain family in charge of The Queen Vic pub.

The BBC soap opera aired for the first time in 35 years with devastated fans saying goodbye to him for the moment.

EastEnders had to stop filming in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the cast and crew finally returned to film new scenes later this month.

But the loss of filming meant that the BBC soap opera exhausted the filmed episodes before the locking restrictions for Covid-19 were put in place.

Last episode of EastEnders ended with Sharon getting the pub

That said, it was as if the soap knew that Tuesday’s episode would be their last in a long time.

There were all the best songs from a season finale, with different scenes teasing new stories to come.

From Ben Mitchell learning that his operation could still go ahead – for him struggling with the fact that his best friend Jay Brown had no idea that his girlfriend Lola Pearce had cheated on him, along with Peter Beale.

Phil was absolutely furious

The drama “is it going, is it not going” continued in the final scenes, just as fans saw Chantelle Atkins’ abusive husband, Gray, gesturing against his boss Kheerat Panesar, who, according to him, is after his wife.

But there was one moment in particular that sparked a lot of nostalgia for the fans, while making some sort of story at the same time.

The final cliffhanger of the so-called season finale has seen Sharon Watts confirmed as the new owner of The Queen Vic – stealing it from her separated husband Phil Mitchell.

Angie and Den Watts, Sharon’s parents, were the first owners of EastEnders

They have a lot of history there, both of them having lived there before, not to mention the famous Sharongate case revealed in the same building.

But aside from the last line of the Sharon episode being a replica of her quote from the last time she owned the pub in 2001, there was something else that was a nod to the past.

The episode was history anyway, because it was the last for a while when the soap disappeared for the very first time – so the final cliffhanger or Duff Duff was always going to be a classic.

EastEnders nodded to the past, with Sharon’s original passage behind the bar

But the fact that Queen Sharon of Walford is now behind the bar was an unwitting historic moment and the perfect end of the season – when EastEnders had no idea at the time that this episode and the scene would be the last.

The story comes from the fact that when the show started, Sharon’s parents, Angie and Den Watts were the owners of the beloved pub, so he closed the loop.

Ending the serial, for now, with the pub in Watts hands is the perfect nod to the past – as the next episode returns with Sharon in charge.

Director Thomas Hescott, who was part of the filming of these epic final scenes, admitted that the scene had been filmed without regard to its historical character.

He tweeted, “We didn’t know during filming that this would have been a historic moment. But I hope you all enjoy it. ”

EastEnders now airs Secrets From The Square on Mondays at 8 p.m., and classic episodes starting with the divorce of Angie and Den on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on BBC One.


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