EastEnders cast started filming again as first look photos tease new scenes


EastEnders filming began on Monday, for the first time since the sars coronavirus pandemic, interrupted the filming in March.While some cast members have been back already for the film the special Secrets Of The Place episodes, it was a Monday, that saw a scene being filmed.

EastEnders favourite Danny Dyer, Jake Wood and Adam woodyatt were among the first cast members to return in their roles.

Ian Beale Mick Carter and Max Branning in some of the first to be filmed of the scenes post-lock, while the BBC soap is currently still off air.

After the execution of episodes, the show will not be back on screens until later in the year, four 20-minute episodes set to air each week.

The EastEnders cast have started filming again in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic

Today, fans can get a glimpse of the first scenes the show returns.

Photos of the filming on the plateau showed cast and crew members, strictly following the rules of social distancing, for the filming to go ahead.

In some scenes, Ian Beale and nemesis Dotty Cotton played by Milly Zero, the air-tight enough.

The EastEnders cast are following strictly the rules of social distancing

Mick and Tina Carter will be in one of the first scenes of return

She is currently in the process of trying to blackmail him about his shocking secret, with him hiding his involvement in the death of the teenager, Dennis Rickman.

The pair are soon joined by Max Branning & Bobby Beale at his restaurant – while all four actors are clearly the following restrictions in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Elsewhere, Mick Carter and Tina Carter are in the Square too.

EastEnders cast members must stand out

The pair are seen talking by the stalls of the markets, again at a distance, after a big change in the final episode of the show in June.

The Carters sold their pub, The Queen Vic, Sharon Mitchell, and Ian, in a twist fans loved.

It is not yet clear whether the Fan will be when the episodes start again.

Cast and crew are adhering to strict guidelines

As well as all the players and the team by keeping a distance one from the other, the other measures include a pole used to ensure the proper distance is met.

While the show is currently off air, she will be back soon, but a date is yet to be confirmed.

There were gripping scenes the show went off the air, on 16 June, in a historic ” end of season “.

Max Branning and Ian and Bobby Beale are also in the new scenes

Sharon and Ian stole The Vic right under her ex Phil Mitchell’s nose.

Of course, Sharon is still to find Ian betrayal about her son Dennis ‘ death.

EastEnders return later this year on BBC One.


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