East Enders ‘Sharon Watts for ultimate revenge on Phil Mitchell after Dennis’ death?


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EastEnders could air a twist in its latest episode until September.

The show is about to disappear, with BBC spoilers teasing what’s going to happen in two episodes next week.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming was halted in March.

The episodes will now be sold out before the cast and the crew will return to play later this month – with episodes starting next week.

This means that everything that happens next week will see the end of the soap on perhaps the biggest cliffhanger of all time.

EastEnders’ Sharon Mitchell could make a surprising decision

The show wouldn’t hit screens until September, so there are three months left to wait for the fallout from the last Duff Duff.

Amid reports that the storylines will jump back in time, it is not yet known how the plots will be changed, if any.

But next week could see chaos for the Mitchells just as the series goes away.

Phil Mitchell issued an ultimatum to Sharon

Sharon and Phil are struggling to overcome their recent drama – and the death of her teenage son Dennis.

He died in a boating accident caused by Phil and Keanu Taylor in a fight, which was the result of Keanu’s false death at Christmas.

Phil wanted him dead for his affair with his wife Sharon, and she recently gave birth to Keanu’s baby, Kayden.

Sharon wants to take care of her baby boy, but Phil issued an ultimatum to him on Monday – she has to choose between them.

Next week, Phil still seems eager to buy The Queen Vic at the Carters where he hoped to start a new life with Sharon, when it is not yet clear if he can accept the baby.

But Linda and Mick Carter are concerned that Phil is buying the pub with questionable money and plans to keep it after all.

Linda and Mick Carter have doubts

Once Sharon learns of the concerns of her best friend Linda, she decides to act – to take matters into her own hands.

But is she about to beat Phil and get the pub for herself, and could this be his last act of revenge?

Sharon said she loved Phil and wanted to give their marriage another chance, but would Dennis’ death and Kayden’s rejection delay her forever?

EastEnders airs Monday at 8 p.m. and Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on BBC One.


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