Eamonn Holmes jokes that he will “cancel” the candidate’s award after she accidentally calls him Phil


Eamonn Holmes joked that he would “cancel” the price of a Spin To Win competitor after accidentally calling him Phillip Scofield.Candidate Jessica was overwhelmed with excitement after realizing that she was on the ITV program today.

” I hope you are joking? She asked as Eamonn and his wife Ruth Langsford confirmed that they were not kidding her.

She continued, “Do I really talk to Phil and Holly ?! “

“No, you’re not talking to Phil and Holly,” replied Eamonn. ” Better than that! Cancel it and continue! Next! ”

“Eamonn and Ruth? She replied.

” Even better! Yes! “

” Oh my God! Shouted Jessica. ” Oh my God! ”

She later revealed that she was on maternity leave and is currently walking in the park with her baby.

Eamonn and Ruth then spun the wheel and she won £ 1,000, leaving her thrilled.

However, another caller was not so fortunate before her after the hosts misunderstood her password.

The couple then clarified that they said “bee knees” rather than good evening, which Eamonn believed they had said, and that they would get a free spin later.

* This morning is broadcast on weekdays at 10 a.m. on ITV


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