Each winning Premier League team has been ranked from worst to best (14th-1st)


14th | Manchester City 2013/2014

If it weren’t for the slip by Steven Gerrard, that city probably wouldn’t have won the Premier League. But they did.

They scored 102 goals but lost six times and conceded 37.

13th | Manchester United 2008/09

Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic. Some Man Utd fans will try to tell you that this 2008/09 team was the greatest in Premier League history.

It was pretty good – pick up 90 points and keep a record of 14 consecutive blank sheets. But incredibly with this strike force, they only scored 68 goals. Only one winning team in the Premier League scored fewer points – the United team in 1992/93.

12th | Manchester United 1999/2000

The good: 91 points, scored 97 goals and won the league by 18 points.

The bad: conceded 45. p1eacou6vifv8ppd15q11df1cpmd.jpg

11th | Chelsea 2009/10

Carlo Ancelotti’s team scored 102 tantalizing goals with an average of 3.58 goals per home game! But they only won the league by one point and lost six games in total. p1eacovl8o1b541ee4o5hh5n1jngf.jpg

10th | Manchester United 2006/07

We are in the top 10 and it’s Manchester United’s second best winning team in the Premier League.

A goal difference of 56 should not be sniffed along with their 89 points. p1eacp48901uqnntncv2g0hbo5h.jpg

9th | 2003/04 Arsenal

SHOCKER: The Invincibles are only the ninth best team winning the title.

They may not have lost throughout the campaign, but they drew 12, which means that 13 other Premier League winners won more games.

They also only scored 73 goals, less than two-thirds of the teams to win the Premier League. p1eacp5o041qhm1h5jbcc1c5jh3rj.jpg

8th | Chelsea 2016/17

Once Antonio Conte moved on to a 3-5-2 lineup, he just couldn’t stop the Blues.

They reached 93 points – the fourth highest in Premier League history – and won 17 of their 19 home matches.

They are no higher on the list as they conceded 33 goals, averaging 0.97 per home game, and have scored only 30 in their 19 away games. p1eacp7joqd2l1fe19j6dedtj7l.jpg

7th | Manchester United 2007/2008

Statistically, the best Man Utd team in Premier League history. They also won the Champions League this season.

Ronaldo was unstoppable and was supported by Rooney and Tevez. While Ronaldo pocketed 31, United’s total of 80 goals was improved by 10 other title winners.

But with Vidic and Ferdinand, they conceded only 22 goals and only seven at home all season.

They only beat Chelsea by two points. p1eacpafed1ev73l21rbv170g82fn.jpg

6th | Manchester City 2011/12


If any of the performance measures were based on drama, City would have had the highest score.

Instead, their 93 goals scored and winning 18 of their home games see them make the top six in this table.

They were the only team to rely on the goal difference to clinch the title and have lost five away games. p1eacpc11p1kv4t62iqalnf4gup.jpg

5th | Chelsea 2005/06

Jose Mourinho’s second straight win with Chelsea was impressive – but not as good as his first.

They finished nine points ahead of Man Utd and won 18 of their 19 home games. Like all of Mourinho’s good teams, they were solid on defense and conceded just 22 goals, keeping 20 clean sheets. p1eacpf7hkerg1dhl18fbqk0184er.jpg

4th | Chelsea 2004/05

In Mourinho’s first season, Chelsea had 95 impressive points – a Premier League record at the time – and lost only once.

They kept 25 clean sheets – still a record – conceding just 15 goals.

The only slight negative was probably their 72 goals scored – 15 less than Arsenal in second place. p1eacphii618sm6aa1a2aq1k27mt.jpg

3rd | Liverpool 2019/20 *

We know, we know. Liverpool is not * yet * Premier League champion, but it will be when football returns.

Insure4Sport has used their average in a 38-game season and Jurgen Klopp’s team is expected to be the third best winning team in the Premier League.

They’re on track to get 107 points – seven more than any other winner. They also have a 100% home record and a higher away win percentage than any other team.

However, the Reds have conceded 0.8 goals per game at home and are expected to score fewer goals than six other Premier League winning teams. p1eacpnhd71456mrnlvljgr1q2ev.jpg

2nd | Manchester City 2018/19

One season after they became the Centurions, City posted a 98-point winning campaign.

City won the league by a single point, but did so by winning 32 games for the second year in a row.

Talking about that… p1eacpsk721bg8rn97qr2rk1e9j13.jpg

1st | Manchester City 2017/18

Of course.

With the exception of Liverpool’s 2019/20 season, this side of the city leads in 11 of the 24 bars used.

One hundred points, 106 goals scored and 19 points ahead of the second.

Can anyone really claim that this side of the city is the best the Premier League has ever seen?

Well, Liverpool fans might have something to say if they end up getting more than 100 points … p1eacpue5lq3jc0420681eci417.jpg


So, we have it. Depending on how Liverpool finished the campaign, the previous three Premier League winners were the top three. Does this mean that the league is becoming less competitive – or simply that the winning teams of the title are improving?

Perhaps the most startling discovery of the study is to see Man Utd’s triple winners in 24th place – even below Leicester! Meanwhile, no less than EIGHT teams were statistically better than the undefeated Arsenal.

And to further annoy United fans, only two of their 13 Premier League winning teams are in the top 10. What they would give any Premier League winning team these days …

Check the schedule of all Premier League champions below: p1eacunien1anb19q31f41b2j1pkn9.jpg

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