EA Play Live: Star Wars Squadrons, Skateboarding, and all the trailers we’ve seen


EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons spaceship fighting game arrives this fall. Electronic arts

Electronic Arts has drawn the curtain on a handful of its upcoming titles at EA Play Live, with huge surprise and a longer look at a new Star Wars title.

The centerpiece of the online storefront was the Star Wars game, Star Wars: Squadrons. The spacecraft’s combat title was unveiled on Monday, but was revealed much longer, showing different game modes, vehicles, and customization options. The 50-minute presentation also featured a few independent studio titles, including It Takes Two by Hazelight and the gothic Lost in Random by Zoink.

There was also a major surprise: A Skateboarding Suite Has Finally Been Announced. Yes, Skate is back. We didn’t get a single movie, but the hype for a new Skateboard is so high that the ad may have overshadowed the rest of the series.

But enough of us scoffing, you’re here for trailers! And these trailers are below.

Apex Legends: Lost Treasures

There must be two

Randomly lost

Rocket Arena

Star Wars: Squadrons

New generation teaser

And if you want to review it all, we have what you need, here

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EA Releases New Gameplay Images For Star Wars: Squadrons



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