Ducks general manager Murray clarifies comments on Eakins: “I left him high and dry”


Anaheim Ducks general manager Bob Murray made the headlines last week when he made harsh comments on the performance of some of the young players on the team and was also viewed as critical (indirectly and directly) from head coach Dallas Eakins.

He clarified his position during an appearance on Central hockey On Tuesday, saying he should have helped more Eakins but left the bench boss “high and dry” during his first campaign with the Ducks.

“I was trying to get over the point that I had sort of left Dallas high and dry,” said Murray of his previous comments. “Because of what had happened the year before when I left Randy [Carlyle] come on, I went down behind the bench, then I brought Dallas, and with his experience in Edmonton, I felt like I had to get away and distance myself for his own good. And I left it high and dry. I should have been closer to him, I should have helped him more. “

Central hockey
Bob Murray: I should have helped Dallas Eakins more
June 09, 2020

The Ducks’ bench has come under scrutiny for the past two years, which no doubt made his comments last week even more remarkable. When Randy Carlyle was fired in February 2019, Murray made the unconventional decision not to appoint an interim, but to take over the bench himself for the rest of 2018-2019 in order to understand a situation he qualified “more problematic than I thought.”

Eakins was the natural successor after a resounding success with the AHL’s San Diego Seagulls, but Murray’s comments last week – addressed to both Eakins and several of the team’s (unnamed) young players – caused a bit of commotion and suggested that the veteran GM might be impatient already:

“Looking back, because of the previous year and what happened at the end, I sort of stepped back and made room for everyone. I didn’t feel like I could be this much. Looking back, this is a mistake. An error in judgment. My people are arguing with me over this. This will not happen again. Everyone is talking about young people, it just led players, sometimes, to say that it was just a year of reconstruction, and that it didn’t matter. From top to bottom of the lineup, some of the kids were allowed to get away with murder this year. It’s over. Responsibility in this group will change. I have said it many times. I’m really determined that this will happen in the future. Coaches will hear it loud and clear. They already have. ” – GM Ducks Bob Murray, via media availability on June 3

Clarifying his remarks on Tuesday, Murray admitted that the influx of “too many young players into training” is putting a burden on Eakins.

“We have a lot of young players there and when we got injured we even had more young players – we had too many young players in the lineup. I should have helped more, “said Murray, adding later that he had not explained his initial position on the matter very well. “And that put a heavy burden on Dallas because, as we remember, what he went through in Edmonton. That’s what I was trying to say, and it didn’t go well. ”

The Ducks were 29-33-9 at the time of the NHL break on March 12 and are one of seven teams officially completed for 2019-2020 after the NHL announced its decision to hold the playoffs. 24 teams to complete the current campaign. .

“I am pleased with Dallas’ position on the team,” said Murray on Tuesday. “I really think it started well last year, there was a little problem in the middle, then it got better towards the end. We made a few transactions and it was going in the right direction. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish the year because I think we would have done rather well. “


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