Drew McIntyre on Drake Maverick, Cyberbullying and More


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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre recently chatted with Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda and discussed several topics, ranging from unscripted promos to himself on TV. McIntyre also shared his thoughts on Drake Maverick’s recent script for NXT.

McIntyre: “This is the real Drake Maverick. This is the real Spud. You know, he’s very, very passionate about this industry, much like me. He always wanted to do it. He gave his whole life there. You know, again, in the situation he was in, he just put his heart up his sleeve and told the world that I would keep doing this and that he would do it, he would succeed wherever he went. But I think he is so capable of playing many different roles, not just in the ring. He’s so talented when it comes to, you know, his spirit. He can write the series, he can help with the characters, he can be in the series, he can be a manager, he’s so versatile, and I think, you know, get out of this story, which he created himself , you know, he will be there and he will have a long future here, not only in front of the camera but also off camera. “

McIntyre also offered a brief message on cyberbullying:

McIntyre: “There are so many scenarios and situations in the world that are incredibly overwhelming. I don’t think Drew McIntyre is the person who should talk about it. I think you should just ask yourself, you know, “Would I like someone to tell me that? “You know, it’s that simple. It takes a lot of effort not to be nice and it takes no effort to be nice. Be nice. “

The full clip is available here:

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