Dr. Hilary warns against the consequences of the abandonment of the locking of the coronavirus in the heat british


Dr Hilary Jones has told viewers of Good Morning Britain not to flock to the crowded beaches in hot weather, or to abandon the rules of social distancing and the locking of the coronavirus.He referred to the serious consequences of Covid-19, in particular for people over 50 years of age, and his fear that the cases can only rise again if the people became ” complacent “.

The beach of Brighton was only a beach absolutely sun-drenched this week, because the fans have enjoyed the heatwave of the uk.

Thursday should be even more hot with over 30 ° C throughout the day.

There are more and more people head to the beaches and public spaces, as if the virus had gone – with Hilary warning that this is not the case.

The star of Good Morning Britain, Dr. Hilary Jones, warned the people not to be “complacent” with the lock

Say to Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid, host of the GMB, that the people give up the rules, he warned that this could lead to a repetition of April when the cases and even deaths due to the virus has climbed above 1000.

Hilary has advised for those who look and those who are going off to stick to the rules, for fear that the infection rate and the number R does not increase accordingly.

He explained, after speaking of the daily mortality rate and the rate of cases that would fall: “This is because the lock has been a success.

The beaches were crowded in the middle of the heat wave of british

“We continue to see almost 5,000 new cases are confirmed per day after the tests.

“If someone could be a fly on the wall in the intensive care unit or in intensive care at this time, there would always be hundreds of people on life support and still hospitalized. ”

He continued: “What we don’t want to see, it is the increase of the prevalence and the number R increases, and hospital admissions are increasing again. ”

Hilary has warned that we could be “back where we were in April, with thousands of cases and deaths,” and said that the people ” are complacent is a problem “.

He said: “If we look at the statistics, these are the people over 50, 60 and 70 years who are really suffering the consequences of Covid-19, very seriously in some cases.

“He is always there and if we abandon completely the lock as some people have done, we will have a second peak, and this will affect the public health, the economy, education. “

Dr Hilary Jones GMB has warned the people that the coronavirus was always there

“The consequences are still very real, we can’t take this too lightly. ”

Yesterday, the people were warned not to go on the beaches because of the number of people who were there, while others were still coming in.

Good Morning Britain is broadcast weekdays at 6 o’clock in the morning on ITV.


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