Dr. Hilary Jones Calls For GMB Viewers To Take Vitamin D During Coronavirus Review


Dr. Hilary Jones called on viewers to take vitamin D after further review in the supplement was ordered by the government in the fight against coronavirus. His suggestion comes after a study by Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge finds that there have been more covid-19 deaths in European countries with low levels of vitamin D.

Speaking of the study on Good Morning, Britain today, Dr. Hilary told hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard on how the immune system can be boosted with sunlight.

He said, “Well, we recommend Vitamin D during the winter months to everyone in the UK because we make most of our Vitamin D through the action of sunlight on our skin. “

Dr Hilary Jones called on viewers to take vitamin D

He opened up on the benefits of vitamin D in the middle of the pandemic coronavirus

Dr. Hilary explained that people often wear their skin in winter, so “the action of sunlight is not very good there in the UK”.

He continued to talk about how those in the community BAME are more likely to die from covid-19, relating it to vitamin D.

“Interestingly, we know that the pigment in their skin being higher reduces the production of vitamin D, so it could be a factor why they are so vulnerable with Covid-19,” he said. “There is no harm in people taking an extra dose.

A recent study found that there were more covid-19 deaths in European countries with low levels of vitamin D

“There is no concrete evidence that taking these supplements reduces the risk of Covid-19, but there is no harm in it, it is an essential precaution at this stage. ”

Earlier this week, Dr. Hilary said that people should not get carried away by the following “scientific news” to discover a drug breakthrough, which could reduce covid-19 deaths.

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Dexamethasone steroids being used as a treatment for coronavirus has been hailed as a “major breakthrough”.

A clinical trial in the UK, which involved 175 hospitals, found that the drug could help reduce the death rate for people on ventilators by a third.

Dr. Hilary said it is okay to take vitamin D supplements

“You shouldn’t get carried away with a report that says we have reduced the death rate by a third of people on ventilators,” he said. “Look, the death rate, even with dexamethasone is still 28%.

“So it’s still massively high, it’s still a very nasty virus. ”

He continued: “The future of our country in terms of health, means that the people must always be very careful about social distance.

“That with hand washing is always going to be the most control thing until we have a robust test and trace system. ”

But he continued: “It’s really promising and has reduced the death rate in a randomized clinical trial.

“The 28-day mortality rate has declined by almost 17%, almost a fifth of people who survive may not have survived without dexamethasone. ”

* Good Morning, Great Britain airs weekdays at 6am on the ITV channel


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