Don’t mention the war satire on bigotry: the BBC’s Fawlty will simply not get the joke | Comment


So people of the thought finally came to Basil Fawlty, a man whose very existence was designed to make fun of the thickness, the hater, the bigot and evil. It would have to be mentally deficient to think that this idiot inefficient and inflated-up obviously was something to fear, but it seems that the BBC believes that we need to protect its “racial slurs” and ” old language “.

The episode Fawlty Towers in which Basil is slightly rude to some German guests and the old major awkward reveals his racist tendencies has been temporarily knocked from one of its platforms, while the BBC has decided how to clean culturally the treasury very national that he has created. Yeah, it’s true: black men die, the statues are overturned and thousands of riots in


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