Doncaster TV star Tan France’s Netflix show canceled after one season


Next In Fashion, which the Doncaster-born presenter from Queaster Eye, animated with designer Alexa Chung, won’t be coming back for a second series, although it only hit our screens in January of this year.

Tan, 37, confirmed the news in an interview with Variety Magazine.

“This is a season show, we don’t know what will happen in the future,” he told them.

Doncaster television star Tan France. Copyright: JPIMedia

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“But it was honestly one of the proudest things I have ever worked on.

“I love the show and Alexa. I’m definitely focusing on Queer Eye and moving forward with it. “

Next in Fashion combined the elements of a reality show and a fashion design contest by following the journey of 18 creators, over 10 episodes.

He made his television breakthrough as one of five hosts on Netflix’s Queer Eye, which sees a group of gay men reshaping fashion and lifestyle across America.

The presenter has already spoken of his difficulties growing up as a gay Muslim in Doncaster and that he whitened his skin when he was a child in order to make himself “more attractive” and fit in.

Tan, whose real name is Tanweer Wasim France, studied fashion at Doncaster College and then moved to Manchester before settling in London.

In 2008, he began working in the United States and moved there in 2015.


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