Donald Trump Hit By Blunt Fact-Check On AIDS Vaccine Lie


Twitter users sighed in despair at President Donald Trump’s latest lie.

Trump argued in a White House speech on police reform on Tuesday that scientists “invented the AIDS vaccine.”

Health professionals, celebrities, journalists, commentators and others quickly got the wrong president to check the claim, reminding him that there is currently no vaccine available to prevent people from contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

In response, many Trump critics highlighted its appalling track record of telling lies. The Washington Post notes that Trump, as of May 29, has made 19,127 false or misleading claims since its inauguration in January 2017.

“Too bad there is no vaccine for the liar series,” only one person responded to the president of the latest production.

Another added: “Fortunately, there is a vaccine to protect against ignorance, lack of preparation, emotion, stunted, racist presidents: Vote.”


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