Dizzee Rascal knocks on Piers Morgan after being asked to explain Black Lives Matter


This is the time of tension Dizzee Rascal hit back at Piers Morgan on the Black Lives Matter movement.The BLM movement has swept the globe over the last few days and weeks after the death of George Floyd in the UNITED states

Mr. Floyd, a black man, died after a painful incident in Minneapolis, with the images of his death shocking the world.

He died after having been brought to its knees in eight minutes by a white police officer, sparking demonstrations and protests around the world.

The movement led to the fall of the slave statues in the united KINGDOM, anti-protests by groups of the extreme right, the peaceful demonstrations in Birmingham, with 4,000 present, and the most heart-wrenching accounts of the brutality of the police across the usa and the united KINGDOM.

The movement has also infiltrated the world of music, with Dizzee Rascal appearing on Good Morning Britain today.

But at the onset, which came via a video link, Dizzee clashed with the GMB host and former editor-in-chief of the journal of the Piers.

The pillars, presenting alongside Susanna Reid, has been asked to the Dance Wiv Me rapper: “to Try and articulate to people what Black Lives Matter means… ”

“What makes you think I know? “Dizzee replied, causing Susanna to smile.

Piers replied: “Because you’re a black man. I don’t know. ”

The music star was then asked: “Am I the black spokesperson? ”

“No,” Piers said. He added: “But I’m curious to know if you have a point of view. Have you seen it? ”

“Can I have a view of the mind? “repeated Dizzee, adding:” I have a bunch of points of view. But it is early, if I’m honest. ”

Piers said: “Well, give me some of your points of view. Your point of view is more important. ”

Dizzee nodded, saying, ” I know he does. “


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