Divergent Actor Ansel Elgort Accused of Sexual Assault


Actor Ansel Elgort has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman known under the name of ” Gabby “, who claims that she was a little less than 17 years old at the time. On Saturday, Elgort has released a statement on Instagram, the negation of woman, of the version of the events.

Gabby posted an article on Twitter, Friday, to describe a chain of events, in 2014, in which she contacted Elgort online and it has responded to a request for naked photos. According to Gabby, this has led to an in-person meeting and the alleged assault.

Its history has included a apparent photo of herself and Elgort sitting together, as well as what it claimed was a screenshot of the exchange that they have shared online. She stressed, in his youth, and the effect that the alleged encounter had on it, saying: “Years later, I have PTSD, I have panic attacks I’m going to therapy. ”

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In his response on Instagram, Elgort said his relationship with Gabby was ” a short, legal, and fully consensual. “He also said that he had handled the break up with his evil, and that he was ashamed of this, and should continue to” think, learn, and grow in empathy. ”

Elgort is known for playing Caleb in the Divergent and its two sequels, The insurgents and Allegiantand for its stars to Baby Driver and The Fault in Our Stars. He also auditioned for the role of Han Solo in the Solo: a History of Star Wars. More recently, he has played in The Goldfinch and in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming West Side Storycurrently in post-production. It has also been the filming of the direction of the HBO Max Tokyo Vice.

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If you are in the UNITED states, a victim of sexual assault or misconduct, in need of assistance, please contact RAINN at 800-656-4673 to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area. If you are based outside of the UNITED states, click here for a list of international sexual assault resources

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