‘Disrespectful” to hold the equalization vote in the municipal elections: Nenshi


The content of the Article following

Nenshi added that he has concerns about the media coverage and the participation of the voters to be “influenced by non-local issues.”

The equalization payments are set by Ottawa and a referendum in Alberta will not be required. Making changes should have the approval of the House of Commons, the Senate, and at least two-thirds of provincial legislative assemblies, and to come up with the legal and political consequences, the report says.

But the report notes that a referendum would allow the federal government and other provinces are morally obligated to negotiate the proposed amendment.

Last year, the Calgary city council passed a motion to make a formal request to the Fair working group on “Calgary point of view and interests.” The province is reviewing the report suggestions on the creation of provincial police services, and by pulling on the Canada Pension Plan. These changes could have major implications for cities in Alberta, and Calgary are in the process of analyzing the report.


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