Disputes over the organization that controls the stairwell where the veteran was found dead


The body of a veteran was found in a stairwell on the Massachusetts VA campus in hospital one month after he was reported missing.

The 62-year-old man was found dead in a building on the Bedford Veterans Hospital campus in the city of Bedford on Friday by another resident, according to the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office.

The man, who is the district attorney’s office declined to be seen, was last seen during the installation on May 8 and was reported missing on May 13. He was found to be wearing the same clothes he was missing in. The prosecutor’s office is currently investigating the circumstances of his death, Meghan Kelly, a spokesperson, told CNN.

The man was a resident of Caritas Communities, a nonprofit dedicated to the prevention of homelessness, Kelly confirmed.

The organization operates a residential facility called Bedford Veterans Housing in a space it rents in a section of a building on the AV campus, Caritas said in a press release. The organization provides “on-site staffing to guide and assist residents in connecting to counseling, medical treatment, employment and other services at the VA,” the press release.

Caritas filed a missing person’s report on May 13, and worked with the AV and the Bedford Police to find the resident, the organization said in a statement.

CNN reached Bedford Police over the details of the man’s search, but was referred to the Middlesex County District attorney’s office because that office is leading the investigation.

When asked if the man’s death was related to COVID-19, Kelly said they have no reason to believe it is but wait for the medical examiner to rule the cause of the dead. CNN joined the medical examiner for comment.

Bedford Veterans’ Quarters has not had COVID-19 cases, Caritas Executive Director Karin Cassel said. According to data provided by the AV, the Bedford AV center had 266 cases, including 33 deaths.


Caritas says the man was found in a state of “emergency exit from the stairwell outside the space rented by Caritas,” which is “one of several stairways that are at the outside the rental of premises of Caritas Communities and are exclusively governed by the VA. ”

However, the Bedford VA establishment said in a statement that the man was found in an area managed by Caritas.

“A non-VA resident was found dead on the Bedford VA campus in a space rented and operated by a private company,” said Kat Bailey, a spokesperson for the facility.

Cassel told CNN VA Monday of the claim is inaccurate, and said she was even warned by the AV that if someone entered the stairwell, the organization could be evicted.


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