Dimitrov was tested positive for the coronavirus with Adria final Round cancelled due to a


The former world No 3 Grigor Dimitrov became tennis’s highest profile name to test positive for Covid-19, Sunday evening, after his participation to Novak Djokovic in the Tour Adria.

The development comes after the players have always ignored measures of social distance in the series of exhibitions around the Balkans, especially during the socialization outside of tennis.

The final Sunday in Zadar, Croatia, between Djokovic and Andrey Rublev has been cancelled, with the actors invited to take the tests back to the hotel.

Grigor Dimitrov has become tennis’s highest profile name to test positive for Covid-19 Sunday

The former world No 3 Dimitrov has been photographed playing basketball with Novak Djokovic days before

The former world No 3 Dimitrov has been photographed playing basketball with Novak Djokovic days before

Although neither Croatia nor Serbia have been very struck by the Coronavirus, eyebrows have been raised in the world of tennis to images showing the players in permanently putting aside the distancing considerations, in particular during the celebration in Belgrade nightclub last week.

The Images have been released of the two playing basketball for some time off, clearly not abiding to the measures of social distance.

Dimitrov was later revealed that he felt discomfort during his defeat to Borna Coric, Saturday, shortly before the return of the positive test.

Now back to Monaco, Dimitrov, who appeared a form below at the latest on the case in Croatia, has posted a message indicative of its status.

“I want to make sure that any person who has been in contact with me during these last days is tested and takes the necessary precautions,” he said. “I’m so sorry for any damage I may have caused. I’m back at home now and the recovery. Thank you for your support and please stay safe and in good health.’

The development comes a few days after the announcement that tennis is to return has been made, with the US Open to get the green light for the end of August.

However, the conditions surrounding the tournament will be very different from what was happening in the Balkans, where the players have almost become a bright to cock a snoop at Covid-19 concerns.

The matches took place in normal conditions. In the extra-curricular activities, such as playing a fun game of football, the players could be seen mobbing each other after a goal has been scored.

With return visits from the beginning of August, the Dimitrov test is one of the main warning that precautions are necessary. It will not settle the nerves of some currently concerned about US.

This week’s tennis is back in the UK, with the “Battle of Britons” at Roehampton the National Tennis Centre, where the restrictions on players and officials will be strict. For example, there will be no ballkids and no line judges on the isolated nature of the inner courtyard of the be used.


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