Devastated Stacey Solomon closes social media again after being targeted by “bad guys” trolls


Stacey Solomon is another break from social media after being overwhelmed by despicable trolling online.The 30-year-old, who regularly shares updates on her life, was on the left, in order to “shock” the digital cruelty, the bullies, that she decided to put her phone away for the day.

In May, she had fans worried, as she said she will step back from her online presence, for a time, “for personal reasons. ”

Stacey left fans heartbroken as she dropped the news this morning, sharing a hand clap holding that of baby Rex and a quote from Roald Dahl, The Cretins.

Stacey says she is reading Rex’s book, one, as well as Zachary, 11, and Leighton, seven.

Stacey was “shocked” to “wicked” trolls

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” Good morning. From my favorite book, I read for boys, “Stacey writes.

“” A person who has good thoughts can never be ugly. You may have an ugly nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have ideas, it will glow your face like the sun’s rays and you will always look pretty. ” ”

Stacey added, “Have a strange morning this morning.

Stacey announced that she would be stepping back on social media for the day

Stacey keeps her update fans on rumors of her life

“Some days I wake up on the wrong side of my brain … I always do my best to ignore nastyness because deep down I’m sorry for people who want to hurt others or try to bring it back … I feel terrible for how sad they must be very deep.

“But some days it’s not so easy to ignore it and the nastyness gets in. All part of the human being, I suppose.

“Anyway, I’m going to put my phone in the drawer again today and shake it off.”

She said she was going to shake it off before she came back

She said she found the trolls hard to ignore this morning

Stacey offered a message of hope to the fans: “Go tell me about repeating it today … we get up raising others and the tarnishing of someone else the glow will NEVER brighten their own.

“The truth of what’s inside will always be shown outside. ”

Earlier this year, Stacey announced, “I’m going out of social media today for personal reasons.

Joe hadn’t been able to attend his grandmother’s funeral in the middle of locking

“I really hope you’re all ok. I love you all. Take care of you. ”

She later said that the family had been a rough time after nan’s beloved partner Joe Swash died.

Joe had not been able to attend the funeral, in the middle of lockdown.

Last week, Stacey temporarily abandoned Instagram because she felt “lethargic” after a crazy shopping spree.

* The Samaritans (116,123) operate a 24-hour service every day of the year. If you prefer to write down how you feel, or if you are worried about being heard on the phone, you can send an email to Samaritans. [email protected]


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