Details on the appearance of the Tour de France this summer


No autographs for the fans, no kisses or hugs on the victory podium, windier stages and a preference for fans on foot and by bike: this is what the Tour de France 2020 should currently look like.Race organizer Christian Prudhomme said AFP that everything is being done to ensure the smooth running of what will be a “unique and singular” route of the Grand Tour de France later this summer.

He added that the final directives of the Tour “will be defined at the end of July, beginning of August” and will remain provisional according to the directives issued by the French government.

Prudhomme also said that the Criterium du Dauphine (August 12-16) would be the dress rehearsal for the Tour (August 29 – September 20).

Although concrete decisions on how the tour will operate on a day-to-day basis are not made until the end of July, Prudhomme hinted at the changes that will need to be made in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“There will certainly be no kisses or hugs during the ceremonies. And it’s certainly not the best year to get autographs, ”said Prudhomme.

“The public can come to the Tour but there will probably be more or less strict security. In the mountains, we will give preference to those who go up on foot, by bike or in public transport. But, I repeat, the situation changes from day to day. What will it be in two months?

“The advertising caravan will have around 100 vehicles, or around 60% of previous years. The economic crisis is hitting different sectors of the economy. ”

The Tour will also have to manage the latest UCI directives which requested it. teams operate in “bubbles” during the race. This will allow teams to travel in nacelles – made up of runners, team staff and doctors – before joining a “platoon bubble” to run.

As an additional precaution, it is understood by Cyclist that some WorldTour teams are even considering imposing their own pre-race quarantine rules on staff and runners up to two weeks before a race to reduce risk.

In terms of route, Prudhomme worked to ensure a minimum of modifications to the original stages. In addition to stage 14 to Lyon reduced by 3 km, the route will remain the same as before.

What can change, however, is the weather. Prudhomme predicts that by organizing the race in September, the cooler weather and the chances of more wind could affect the race as well as the adjustments that the riders have made in their preparation for the Tour.

“It will be a unique tour because it will be the last one, officially in summer but outside the holidays. A singular Tour, there will be real questions about the riders whose preparation method will necessarily be different this year, ”said Prudhomme.

“The weather will probably be less hot and there will probably be more wind. By the side of the road, there will probably be fewer people, but the party will be there, as far as health measures are concerned. “


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