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President Donald Trump returning to the election campaign was designed to show the column’s strength and enthusiasm in criticism the last few months before an election, which will decide if there are any left in the White House.Instead, his weekend rally in Oklahoma highlighted the growing vulnerability and crystallization of a reelection division message that largely ignores large swathes of independent voters, a suburb of women and people. color which could play a crucial role in the choice of Trumpet or the democratic challenger Joe Biden.

The low turnout in the rally rally, in particular, left Trump smoking.

TikTok users say they helped sabotage the Trump Tulsa rally

TikTok users say they helped sabotage the Trump Tulsa rally

K-pop fans, TikTok users say they sabotaged Trump Tulsa rally

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“There is really only one left strategy for him, which is to propel that rage and anger and try to divide society and see if he can have a tribal leadership win here”, former Trump advisor-turned-critic Anthony Scaramucci, said on CNN “Reliable Sources.”

The President did not even offer a benchmark token of national unity in a speech that lasted more than an hour and 40 minutes in his self-described campaign to revive the nation grappling with the outbreak of infections by the coronavirus, the worst unemployment since the Great Depression and the sweeping civil unrest.

Neither Trumpet mention George Floyd, the African-American man whose death at the Minnesota police station late last month sparked a national uprising over police brutality. But he did add fuel to the culture of the wars nation, defending Confederation Square from the statues while making racist references to the coronavirus, which originated in China and which it called “Flu kung.” He also said Democratic Republic Ilhan Omar, who came to the United States as a refugee as a child, to which he said: “the government of our country, just like the country from which it came, from Somalia.”

Trump won the presidency in 2016, with a similar red-meat message intended largely to energize white conservatives and class men. But less than four months before polling begins in some states, there are signs that the independents and educated voters, especially suburban women, have turned against him. Republican strategists increasingly believe that only a dramatic turnaround in the economy can revive his re-election aspirations.

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Coronavirus: Trump says he wanted “slow testing” for COVID-19

Coronavirus: Trump says he wanted “slow testing” for COVID-19

“It’s bad,” said operative Republican Rick Tyler, who has often criticized Trump. “There is literally nothing to run on. The only thing he can say is that Biden is worse. ”

But the day after Trump Tulsa’s rally, the president’s message was almost a blow as aides tried to explain a smaller than expected crowd than the outraged president.

The campaign had been big on Tulsa.

Trump’s political team has spent days announcing that more than 1 million people have requested tickets. They also ignored health warnings from the White House coronavirus task force and Oklahoma officials, eager to host an event that could help it pass civil rights protests and the coronavirus him -even.

6 Trump campaign of staff members testing positive for coronavirus in advance of Tulsa rally

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Its first rally in 110 days was supposed to be a rebellious display of force politics to help energize Trump minds, try a few attacks on Biden and serve as a powerful symbol of American re-opening.

Instead, the city’s firefighters’ office reported a crowd of just under 6,200 in the 19,000-seat BOK Center, and at least six staff members who helped set up the tested case. positive for coronavirus. The vast majority of participants, including one Trump, do not wear masks, as recommended by the Health Experts Administration Trumpet.

After the rally, the chairman rebuked aids on the turnout. He sublimated that he had been led to believe that he would see huge dark red crowds of Oklahoma, according to two White House and campaign officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they did not allowed to speak publicly on the subject of private conversations.

There was no sign of an impending staff reshuffle, but members of the Trump Circle of Anger wondered how campaign manager Brad Parscale and other senior staff could therefore be very overpromised. and underdeliver, according to officials.

Trump rally supporters in the city of Tulsa amid rising racial tensions, COVID-19 resurgence

Trump rally supporters in the city of Tulsa amid rising racial tensions, COVID-19 resurgence

Publicly scrambled the team blame the crowd for the size of the media coverage and the protesters outside the hall, but the small crowd of pre-rally protesters were largely peaceful. Tulsa reported by the police, just one arrest on Saturday afternoon.

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It is unclear when Trump will hold his next rally.

Before Oklahoma, the campaign planned to finalize and announce its next rally this week. Trump is already scheduled to make appearances Tuesday in Arizona and Thursday in Wisconsin. Both are election general battlefields.

At least one swing governor of the state, meanwhile, says Trump would not be welcome to host a rally in his state in the midst of the pandemic.

Empty seats, infection campaign staff: Trump restarts campaign with Tulsa rally

Michigan Gouv. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, said she “thinks very seriously about” trying to block Trump from holding a rally there, if he wanted to.

“We know that getting together without masks, especially at an indoor facility, is the worst thing you can do in the midst of a global pandemic,” Whitmer said in an Oklahoma interview before the event, admitting that she was unaware of the legal tools she had available to block a possible Trump rally. “I just know that we have limits on the number of people who can meet and that we take this very seriously.”

Biden of the campaign, meanwhile, seized another opportunity to push the outgoing president, suggesting that Trump “was already in free fall due to his mismanagement of the pandemic of civil rights and protests.

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“Donald Trump has abdicated the leadership and it is no surprise that his supporters have responded by abandoning him,” Biden spokesman Andrew Bates said.


Associated Press writer Zeke Miller in Washington contributed to this report.

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