Design invisible from Milton Glaser for New York: “Together”


Well, I’ve done a lot of work in my life, but nothing was as durable as “I ♥ NY”. For some reason, and it is a great mystery, this idea has been around in the world. It has not disappeared into the abyss of the advertising material or the slogan, it is always everywhere.

In particular, in advertising, we are in a cycle of one month per idea, and it is gone, and then there is something else to replace it. After all these years, I do not understand what that fact that an idea is compelling enough to bring a person to a different perception.

You doubt that your current project may have an impact, but you always do? There must be a certain feeling that it can break through.

I have no idea. In fact, I am surprised by the way in which these works of art can affect people and affect their mood or their attitude. The design begins with the desire to change an existing condition, but as I said, the change is something that you hope and, most of the time, you don’t get it.

The logo “I ♥ NY” has started with the collaboration of the municipal commissioner with an advertising agency. Would you like to see mayor de Blasio or governor Cuomo to do more to engage the artistic community in this time?

Well, I think that they do not understand the power of these ideas. And what they do is that they hire people and agencies perfectly competent, who specialize in the professional work. And to a certain extent, this is not a professional. It is quite the opposite. A professional work guarantee results, and it has no warranty, but we hope that it opens the heart. Therefore, it is very difficult to quantify and it is certainly very difficult for a government to select persons with whom he is comfortable, who are also extraordinary. It takes people beyond what is objective and what is logical. I guess you have to call them artists.


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