Dentists will only be able to see five patients a day before reopening on Monday


As deputy editor of global health security, Anne Gulland, noted in our latest Coronavirus podcast last night, the story of hydroxychloroquine “more twists than your average soap opera” (listen at the top of the blog).

And last night, after recording the podcast, there was another turning point – study authors who questioned the controversial treatment of malaria retracted their research paper on the “veracity” of the data that they presented.

The document, published in The Lancet at the end of May, concluded that the treatment had no benefit and could even put patients at risk of death.

The results led the World Health Organization to suspend its trial on the drug – although it said on Wednesday that it would resume the study after the first concern about the document.

But researchers not involved in the Lancet study questioned the methodology and transparency around the data, provided by the firm Surgisphere.

The authors of the Lancet article have since launched a review in Surgisphere to “assess the origin of the elements in the database, confirm the completeness of the database and reproduce the analyzes presented in the article”.

However, the independent reviewers were unable to obtain the data on which the document was based, so they retracted the original study.

Anne has the full story here.


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