Denise Van Outen’s heartbreaking explanation for a bitter quarrel with Johnny Vaughan


Denise Van Outen and her fiance Eddie Boxshall put on their most comfortable slippers and snuggle up on the couch for the latest Celebrity Gogglebox series.

The TV presenter and the commodity trader are just a few of the famous faces watching TV in the comfort of their living room.

And it seems that Denise, who was one of the celebrities to participate in the first series, cannot wait to get back on the spot for the special locking series.

Said, “It’s so nice to sit on the couch, watch lots of amazing programs, grab some treats and put on my slippers.

“I love putting my feet up and laughing with Eddie. “

Denise van Outen and fiance Eddie Boxshall participate in Celebrity Gogglebox

One of the most famous faces on television, Denise became famous in the 1990s when she presented the hit show The Big Breakfast with Channel 4 with Johnny Vaughan.

At the time, the couple were “best friends” and their chemistry drew a large audience of fans who liked to watch their jokes and jokes.

However, at the height of their fame, the couple had huge spin-offs and although they corrected their differences, their relationship was never the same again.

And Denise revealed what caused the flaw – the money.

She told Loose Women, “I had a big impact with Johnny Vaughan when we worked on The Big Breakfast. The whole relationship fell apart when we renegotiated our contracts.

Johnny and Denise were reunited for their own radio show, but it didn't last long
Johnny and Denise were reunited for their own radio show, but it didn’t last long

“I thought we were a team, we were together together. There were other things involved, agents and stuff. “

“Johnny was negotiating separately and I found out. For me, it was tarnished. I knew our relationship would never be the same again.

“That’s why I left the show. Obviously, I did it again, but the same thing happened again. “

Despite his anger over what happened during their successful stay at the Big Breakfast, it would not be the last time the two worked together.

Eager to recreate their relationship, the couple were reunited in 2000 to try to increase the ratings of the now struggling series.

The pair saw The Big Breakfast soar in the notes during the presentation
The pair saw The Big Breakfast soar in the notes during the presentation

However, it failed and it was finally removed in 2002.

And it wasn’t the last time the pair showed up together – Denise and Johnny came together to present the Capital FM breakfast.

Johnny had been presenting him solo for four years and we hoped that finding him with Denise would recreate some of their old magic.

However, that was not to last and Denise left after only six months.

She said later, “We were good friends. I laughed every day, we laughed to the point where I was going to get wet. Then things happened and we had fallout along the way.

The pair fell on the money
The pair fell on the money

“There are a couple of reasons why … when the show became a success and we were negotiating contracts, I thought we were doing it as a team but her agent had other ideas and she brought him more money and there were all these arguments happening with groups and presenters.

“I wanted us to be a team and it became clear that we were no longer a team and we never got back on track. “

However, she said that she still loves her former presentation partner “to pieces.”

Denise added, “I loved it so much and I still do. When I see him now, he makes me laugh so much. I forget. But I don’t know if it would ever be the same. “

Asked by the Loose Women about the reasons for their breakup, Denise confirmed that it was only about money – highlighting the fact that there was a gender pay gap, despite their equal roles.

“It was mainly related to the salary and a few other things,” she said. “I think the point of view was that I had money just acting on the side. “

  • Celebrity Gogglebox is on Channel 4 at 9 p.m. tonight.


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