Deaths reach 42,632 like Boris Johnson set to reveal the lock of the update rules this week, The Scottish Sun


TOP Italian doctor said that the coronavirus is weakening, and could even die on its own without a vaccine.

Professor Matteo Bassetti told the Mail on Sunday that the virus is “modification of gravity”, which could be down to factors including a genetic mutation, the improvement of treatment and social distancing measures.

During this time, coronavirus deaths in all the areas reached 42,632 today, after an additional 43 deaths were reported.

London, the North of Ireland and Scotland, has recorded no deaths in the last 24 hours, Sunday, according to figures.

It comes as Boris Johnson is set to announce a new ‘a metre higher, the social distance rule, this Tuesday, in a bid to reopen the businesses.

The PM can abolish the social distancing from the rule of 4 July as he prepares an end to the solitary confinement of prisoners in England with a series of announcements to come over the next fortnight.

This comes as Spain allow the British to travel abroad without quarantine on arrival.

During this time, the public holidays to other destinations, including Portugal and Greece are expected to go ahead from next month.

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