Deaths in UK coronavirus hospitals increase by 109 – Wednesday’s smallest increase since the lockout


Deaths from UK coronavirus hospitals surpassed 32,000 after 109 additional deaths reported in 24 hours – the smallest increase on a Wednesday since the week before the lockout England reported 88 new deaths, Scotland recorded 12, Wales recorded nine and Northern Ireland recorded no new deaths for the fourth consecutive day, the number of hospitals in UK reaching 32,096.

The increase of 109 was the smallest on a Wednesday since 34 deaths were reported on March 18, a week before the isolation began.

The number of deaths per day in recent Wednesdays was 215 on June 3, 209 on May 27, 235 on May 20, 329 on May 13 and 449 on May 6. The highest total on Wednesday was 936 on April 8, the UK’s deadliest day of the epidemic.

The government will update its official balance sheet on Wednesday, which amounted to 40,883 deaths in all settings, including nursing homes.

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A nurse wears PPE outside the A&E department of Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey

The true number of Covid-19 deaths in all settings is closer to 52,000, according to the latest available data based on death certificates.

The figures arrived hours before Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to the country about plans to further facilitate the foreclosure.

NHS England said 88 other hospital patients died from Covid-19. The number of deaths in hospitals in England now stands at 27,707.

The last victims were between 43 and 102 years old. Three patients (ages 53 to 87) had no known underlying health conditions.

Deaths in UK hospitals so far: 32,096

Deaths in all contexts: 40,883

(The two figures above count all people who have had a positive test result confirmed by a public health laboratory or the NHS in the UK)

Total number of deaths registered to date: 46,421

(This is the number of deaths recorded in England and Wales where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate)

Excessive deaths (March 21 to May 31): 63,596

(The number of deaths in England and Wales above the average amount, but not necessarily caused by Covid-19)

Sources: and ONS

The number of deaths of Covid-19 patients by region is as follows:

– North West: 25

– Midlands: 21

– Southeast: 13

– North East and Yorkshire: 12

– East: 8

– London: 7

– South West: 2

Speaking to Prime Minister’s questions, Nicola Sturgeon said that 2,434 patients died in Scotland after being tested positive for the coronavirus, up 12 from 2422 on Tuesday.

According to Health Protection Scotland figures, Sturgeon said that 15,665 people tested positive for the virus in Scotland, up from 12,655 the day before.

There are 987 people hospitalized with Covid-19 confirmed or suspected, a decrease from 24, while 18 people are in intensive care, a decrease from three.

The death toll in Scotland, however, is said to be much higher.

New figures from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) show that the number of people who have died with Covid-19 confirmed or suspected has reached 4,000.

The number of deaths has decreased for a sixth consecutive week and the proportion of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes in Scotland has dropped below 50% for the first time since mid-April.

The number of NRS deaths is higher because it represents all deaths recorded when Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate, and includes suspected or probable Covid-19 cases.

In Wales, another nine patients died, bringing the total to 1,419.

Northern Ireland reported no new days for the fourth consecutive day. The latest report said that one person died on Saturday.

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In other developments:

– Boris Johnson insisted that he had a plan to “get our country back on its feet” when the UK was about to suffer the worst economic blow to the developed country from the coronavirus.

– The Prime Minister has pledged additional cash to support vulnerable families amid growing pressure to fail to achieve the goal of completely reopening primary schools in England by summer.

– Secretary of Health Matt Hancock declined to give a date for the full launch of the NHS contact finder because he continued to be criticized for the delay.

– The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has said that the UK economy is expected to collapse by 11.5% in 2020 – but could contract by 14% if there is a second wave of Covid- 19 later this year – surpassing others hard hit European countries.

– NHS Confederation projections suggest that about 10 million people will be on the waiting list for NHS treatment by the end of the year, more than double the current figure.

– Zoos and safari parks are preparing to welcome visitors after receiving the green light to open their doors from June 15 during the last relaxation.


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