Deaths from new coronaviruses in France drop sharply, but cases are increasing


On Wednesday, the new death toll from COVID-19 in France represented only a third of the previous day’s total, but the number of new confirmed infections increased again, a month after a strict ban.

The health ministry said the death toll had only increased by 23 – up from an average daily increase of 53 in the past 15 days – to 29,319, the fifth highest total in the world. On Tuesday, 87 COVID-19 deaths were reported.But the number of new confirmed cases was 545; this figure had remained below the 500 threshold for the previous three days. In the past 15 days, France has reported an average daily of 639 new confirmed cases.

According to calculations by Reuters, if we add the calculations of probable cases of coronavirus in nursing homes, the total number of cases in France rises to more than 191,000, the ninth highest total in the world on this based.

The number of people treated at the hospital for COVID-19 continued to drop for weeks, falling from 283 to 11,678 on Wednesday. At the height of the epidemic in mid-April, that number reached 32,292.

The number of people in intensive care fell by 22, or 2.4%, to 933, compared to a peak of 7,148 on April 8.

These two numbers are important measures of a health system’s ability to cope with the pandemic.

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