Death of new coronaviruses in the UK corresponds to the EU as a whole


About as many Britons are currently registered as dying from coronavirus every day than in the EU as a whole.

World Health Organization reports indicate that 332 new daily deaths have been officially reported by the 27 EU countries in the most recent period up to June 3.

During the same period, the United Kingdom recorded 324 deaths, according to the WHO status report.

Ministers and scientists warned that the figures cannot be directly compared, as each country measures deaths differently.

Reporting periods will not overlap exactly and, in some cases, deaths may not be counted in all settings such as nursing homes such as in the United Kingdom.

UK continues to report hundreds of daily coronavirus deaths

Each country also has different demographics and population sizes, which means that daily deaths do not represent “excessive deaths” in the community.

But the numbers set off a new alarm – just hours after Boris Johnson said he was “proud” of the UK’s response to the virus.

The coronavirus alert level in the UK is still at 4, and the chief scientific adviser warned last night that the number of cases “is not going down quickly”.

And the total number of deaths in the UK with Covid-19 has now exceeded 50,000.

The latest UK figures for June 3 show that 359 new deaths and 1,871 new confirmed cases have been reported in just 24 hours.

According to Euronews, this means that the number of deaths has exceeded the number in the rest of the EU – although the figures have not yet been reported by WHO.

Labor MP Neil Coyle said: “More UK deaths than 27 EU members. Astonishing.

“The government has not prepared well, provided protection, failed to lock early enough and is now trying to end the lock prematurely. Irresponsible. “

Labor MP Ben Bradshaw tweeted: “The UK has overtaken Spain in # COVID-19 deaths per capita and our infection rates are still stubbornly high. “

However, Boris Johnson refused to criticize the UK’s response to the Prime Minister’s questions yesterday – accusing the Labor party of “attacks” instead.

Boris Johnson refused to criticize the British response yesterday

He said, “I take full responsibility for everything this government has done to fight coronaviruses, and I am very proud of our record.

“If you look at what we have accomplished so far, it is very significant.

“We have protected the NHS. We have lowered the death rate. We are now seeing far fewer hospital admissions.

“I think the public understands that with British common sense, we will continue to defeat this virus and move this country forward.”

The UK has officially recorded more coronavirus deaths than anywhere else in the world, except the United States.


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