Death of George Floyd: IBM abandons facial recognition software due to racial profiling issues | Scientific and technological news


IBM has said it will stop offering facial recognition or scan software and oppose the use of the technology for mass surveillance and racial profiling.

CEO Arvind Krishna made the announcement in a letter to members of the US Congress.

The tech firm’s decision comes as the United States faces nationwide protests over the death of a black man, George Floyd, while in police custody in Minneapolis.

“IBM strongly opposes and will not tolerate the use of any technology, including facial recognition technology offered by other vendors, for mass surveillance, racial profiling, violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms no one, or any other objective that is inconsistent with our values ​​and principles of Trust and Transparency, “he said in the letter.

Government officials across the country have proposed reforms to combat police brutality and racial injustice to strengthen the oversight of law enforcement agencies.

In the letter sent to leading American senators, including Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, Krishna also called for greater transparency and accountability to the police.

It comes just a few months after a study by the United States government suggested that facial recognition algorithms are much less accurate at identifying African-American and Asian faces than Caucasian faces.

African-American women were even more likely to be misidentified, according to research from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The Met Police announced the launch of its system

Meanwhile, in London, the Met Police operationalized controversial live facial recognition (LFR) technology after 10 tests in the capital.

This was despite an independent report on the use of technology by force, commissioned by the Met itself and revealed by Sky News, which revealed that the technology was in fact 81% inaccurate.


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