Death after Cornwall coronavirus outbreak, home care


One person died after a coronavirus outbreak was confirmed with Cornish home care. Eleven residents at Pengover House in Liskeard had tested positive for the coronavirus.

They were tested with two staff members, began to show symptoms.

Cornwall Care, which also runs 16 other nursing homes in the county, said it was the first time that the infection had been featured. He said there were no current outbreaks at any of his other homes.

One person who was infected died – managers say the resident was “very sick” before they caught the virus.

Plenty of restrictions are in place to control the spread, say managers. Cornwall Council said it was to support the 36-bed dementia care facility.

All of Cornwall’s order homes allow visitors to hand lock early to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to the most vulnerable residents.

It’s chief executive, Anne Thomas, said that strict measures have been put in place for Covid-19 control at Pengover House and all staff and residents have been tested for any symptoms . He doesn’t know how the virus got home yet.

Ms. Thomas said, “We have strict infection control measures in place at Pengover Maison, but unfortunately an epidemic of coronavirus has occurred.

“According to health guidelines, we test residents and staff when someone in the house displays symptoms, but we are currently unable to have repeat proactive testing. I hope it will be available to all nursing homes soon.

“Our teams are fully prepared and trained for coronavirus epidemics and their response to Pengover has been exemplary. We don’t yet know how the virus got into the house, but an in-depth investigation to try to find it is underway. “


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