DC Comics Cut Ties With Diamond, America’s Largest Comic Book Distributor


After almost 25 years of collaboration with Diamond Comic Distributors, DC Comics will find another way to comic book stores. Diamond was the exclusive distributor for DC, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Viz Media, and more until this week when DC ended the relationship. The company will now use Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic Distributors for weekly releases, and Penguin Random House for graphic novels and collected editions, a DC spokesperson told Polygon.

“We recognize that for many of you this may seem like a big decision,” said DC officials in an email to retailers on Friday (first printed by The Hollywood Reporter). “However, we can assure you that this change in DC’s distribution plans was not made lightly and was the result of a long period of reflection and reflection. The change in direction is in line with DC’s overall strategic vision to improve health and strengthen the direct market as well as increase the number of fans who read comics worldwide. “

According to the note, Diamond will fulfill orders until June 1 and will no longer solicit the sale of new DC titles. DC will extend the final order deadline from June 8 to 15 to ensure customers don’t miss a problem.

The comic book industry’s pre-order system has remained relatively unchanged since 1997, when Diamond won a de facto monopoly on comic book shipping to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. and blur the sales figures for the comics.

In March, Diamond ceased distribution due to concerns about COVID-19, forcing most comic book publishers to suspend the deployment of new books. On March 31, the company also announced that it would withhold payments from suppliers like Marvel and DC. The major publishers finally found ways to get around the decision. For DC, according to Diamond CEO Steve Geppi, this meant breaking an exclusivity contract with 60 days notice.

The announcement defies the standards of the modern comic book industry. At a time when everything has already been turned upside down, the decision should be polarizing.


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