Davina McCall denounces the snobbish demand for the best Big Brother shows by Brian Dowling


Davina McCall has ruined Brian Dowling’s claims that the producers of Big Brother snubbed him from Best Shows Ever.The 52-year-old TV host went on Twitter Thursday evening to refute the 42-year-old Irishman’s claims that he had not received an invitation to participate in the current recap series that Davina co- organizes with Rylan Clark- Neal.

E4 marked Big Brother’s 20th anniversary with a series of festive episodes hosted by Davina and Rylan, 31 – showing highlights and memories from the axed reality series.

However, some viewers have contested that Brian was not shown after winning the second series in 2001 – as well as the Ultimate Big Brother show in 2010.

Davina McCall slapped Brian Dowling’s claim that he had been snubbed of Big Brother’s best shows

Brian also hosted Big Brother when he moved from Channel 4 to Channel 5 in 2011, before being replaced by Emma Willis.

Brian had suggested that he had not been invited to participate in the celebratory series – hinting that he had been snubbed when he replied to a Twitter fan earlier in the week.

One fan tweeted on Wednesday: “Although I absolutely love watching the older episodes of #BigBrother find it very strange that there is no mention of [Brian Dowling] as a presenter ?!

“Very strange considering his love and his presence in the series? ”

Brian then responded by writing, “You are not alone. In fact, at this point, it gets pretty funny. People are trying to rewrite history. ”

However, Davina rejected the suggestion with a tweet from her on Thursday evening.

Brian Dowling won Big Brother twice and also hosted the show on Channel 5

Davina was the host of the best shows of Big Brother

She wrote, “Just an FYI. We asked @brianofficial to be part of the show. ”

She added, “He was the ultimate roommate !!!! It was obvious. ”

Big Brother’s best shows have already seen familiar faces from the show’s 19 seasons – and host Emma Willis also participated in a video session with Davina and Rylan during the two-week event.


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