Dan Meis then answered that Everton insists that the new plan of the stadium is still on track


Everton has entrusted the tasks of the architectural of its new stadium proposed to the british company Pattern, as expected.The design architect Dan Meis, whose stunning images of the new home of the 52888 Blues were unveiled last summer, has issued this evening a strong message on social networks, confirming that he was no longer involved in the project.

Meis, including the company, MEIS Architects is behind the design of the new house state of the art of Everton, said he was “not currently engaged” in the new stadium the club and that it was one of the “biggest disappointments” of his career. .

It is understood that the plan of Everton was always that Meis and his company was to withdraw from the project after the submission of a detailed planning.

The british architect’s Pattern, who have worked with Meis on the designs, are now associated with contractors Laing O’rourke on the plan of the stadium, as the club awaits a planning decision and is able to give advice on what is necessary to comply with the rules and regulations of construction in the uk .

The ECHO understands that Meis had been offered a role in the construction of the stadium, but his message on Twitter this evening suggesting that he has denied.

Everton insists tonight that the project Bramley-Moore Dock stays on the right track, and a decision on its planning application expected to be submitted later this summer.

Pattern, which has images of the new stadium proposed on its Web site, is also working on a new stadium for the world Cup in Qatar in 2022.

Meis then responded to ECHO on Twitter: “I’m sorry, but if it was” always the plan ” , nobody has shared it with me.

“During my 30 years of designing stadiums, I’ve never seen our work taken over by another architect without staying in the role of a guardian / supervisor. “


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