Dan Evans impatient for the US Open and frustrated by the slow return of tennis | Tennis


Dan Evans loves New York. He had a great time there, both on and off the court. And the No. 1 Briton, whose world ranking has been blocked at 28 since the crippled tennis pandemic in February, is impatient to return to Flushing Meadows for the US Open, tentatively sketched in late August.

Evans believes that tennis has lagged behind other sports by returning to competition and is not worried about playing behind closed doors or being allowed to take only one coach or a coach with him. He adds with a smile: “Being in New York by myself is not ideal, is it? I think it would be a step too far, to go without support staff. But there have been other sports that are back, and it could be tennis for a little while now, without a crowd. How long are we going to wait? Shall we wait until we have perfection?

” It’s time. There would be no greater financial support for lower ranking players than helping them with a grand slam. There is a player support fund, but in the first or second round of a slam, there is nothing bigger than that. Would it be nice for tennis fans to see Novak Djokovic and anyone in the slam semifinals? I only say Novak because he expressed his opinion. It’s not against him. ”

Speaking in London Monday afternoon as he prepared for the start of the LTA’s British tour in July and Jamie Murray’s NHS charity tournament later this month, Evans picked up a bit on the Previous critics of the world number 1, who said he was not keen on playing in New York if his entourage was limited to one person.

“I wouldn’t mind if the best guys were allowed to take two or three people,” said Evans. “If the best guys really need more people, give them that. I would be happy to go with one coach. I’ve even heard people talk about sharing a coach or a physiotherapist.

“You can’t underestimate what the teams are doing for the players. I had a good week when I only had my trainer there; I had a good week when I had a lot of people. The players have their reasons; It is difficult to [criticise]. Look when Andy [Murray] was quite dependent on a lot of people – they were all there for a reason and were doing a good job for him. “


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