Daily Mail eclipses of the Sun to become UK’s top-selling paper | Media


After 42 years as the UK’s best-selling newspaper, the Sun has lost its title to the Daily Mail.The Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid had been the nation’s most popular newspaper since 1978, spawning such memorable splash titles such as “Freddie Starr ate my hamster”, “gotcha!”, and “It’s The Sun Wot Won it” – 1992 front page, taking credit for the Tories ‘ unexpected general election victory.

The Daily Mail, that has not stopped the closing of the sale of the gap in recent years, has surpassed the Sun in May, according to the latest official figures.

The Daily Mail has sold 980,000 copies per day on average, last month, and the Mail on Sunday sold 878,000 a week, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations figures published on Friday.

Last month News UK, the parent company of the Sun, the Sun on Sunday, and the Weather, ceased its official sales figures available to the public. The publisher, however, figures are still private at the disposal of the industry every month, and the Guardian understands that the Sun and the Sun on Sunday reported a decline in sales of the post titles in May.

In the month of March, the most recent publicly available figures for the Sun – the 55p tabloid newspaper sold an average of 1.13 million copies a day. It has also distributed a new 66,800 copies free pick-up at airports and train stations. The post, which does not distribute free copies, and is priced at 70p, is understood to be the largest paid for the sales that the Sun is a combined paid and free circulation.

“I am extremely proud and happy that the Daily Mail has become the great Britain most of the sale of newspapers, a historic moment in our history,” said Geordie Greig, editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail.

The Sun of March, sales were down 11% on the year – more than two times higher than the 5% decline recorded by the Daily Mail.

It is understood that, as well as the paid for, the sales decline, the Sun has been affected by a significant decrease of the free distribution of the airlines were grounded, and the united KINGDOM went into isolation.

When it launched in 1964, the Sun was the fourth-largest newspaper after the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express and the Daily Mail. The paper went tabloid after Murdoch acquired it in 1969, finally, beyond the Mirror, the UK’s best-selling newspaper in 1977.


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