“Curtis Blaydes Has The Wrong Attitude “, Dana White Not Happy With the Heavy weight Fight of the UFC Fight Night


Curtis Blaydes presented his superior wrestling skills against a helpless Alexander Volkov. En route to his one-sided triumph, ‘Razor’ has set a new record for most takedowns in a UFC Heavyweight fight. He landed 14 takedowns on the “Drago” to be relegated to Cain Velasquez’ 11 withdrawal of the effort against Junior dos Santos, at UFC 155 at the second place. The fight has been, in large part, on the ground, which may have bored the casual and neutral. The President of the UFC, Dana White, too, can be added to this category.

Dana White has said Curtis Blaydes look stupid

In an interaction with the media after the main event, Dana White, has highlighted the razor’s big declarations throughout the week. Here, he discussed the fact that ” Razor “, has not backed up his pre-fight talks.

“Curtis Blaydes has the right attitude as far as I’m concerned. I have nothing against the kid at all. You know, you talk s**t, as he has done this week. Then, you better come in a huge someone a** when you talk s**t like that.”

Despite indicating that he had nothing against the 29-year-old, the UFC President, said that the performance made the weight Heavy look “stupid”.

“When you talk about s**t that he talked to and that you do as you have done tonight. You have to look stupid.”

No question of the fight not to be recalled, but Blaydes knows that the history books will show that he said that the W. He tied Augusto Sakai and Francis Ngannou for the most wins in the division. When Herb Dean raised his arm, he moved into second for most Heavyweight wins since 2016.

Following his victory, Blaydes, cementing its place to the 3rd in the Heavyweight rankings and will be in a position to fight for the Heavyweight title in the near future. The obstacle, if this is the case, will probably be against Stipe Miocic or Francis Ngannou.

While he has not been confronted with the former, his only defeats as a professional fighter came against the latter. The duo is not as easy to be taken down, and has the incredible strike force. However, the ” Razor Seems to concentrate on his strength to fight, to wear opponents, and treating them like rag dolls.

That certainly will not change, despite the accusation of him “look stupid.” What do you think of Dana White comments on Curtis Blaydes?

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