Cowell is leaving his duties as head of the Mercedes engine in F1


Cowell is part of the powertrain high performance (HPP) of Mercedes-AMG for the past 16 years, as general manager since 2014.He has played a key role in the development by the German manufacturer of hybrid motors V6 introduced in F1 in 2014. Mercedes has won six consecutive titles of pilots and builders during this period.

In a press release issued Monday by Mercedes, it was announced that Cowell would be leaving his position at the beginning of July, after having informed the team of his intention to leave in January.

A new management team is poised to take over as the head of the engine division at the departure of Cowell.

It will be composed of Hywel Thomas, who as the director-general will assume the direct responsibility of the power unit F1, as well as Adam Allsopp (head of powertrain), Richard Stevens (operations director) and Ronald Ballhaus (director of finance and it).

“This new structure will enable the company to deliver three key projects to the highest possible standards in the years to come: the F1 Power Unit, the powertrain of the Formula E and the development and production of the powertrain of the Mercedes-AMG One,” the statement said.

Cowell will work with Thomas to support the transition and ” will consult with Mercedes-Benz AG on a project on the future major until at least the beginning of 2021 “.

“The leadership of Andy in the team PPH has been a key factor of our success in the championship in recent seasons,” said the director of the team Mercedes F1, Toto Wolff.

“He has made an outstanding contribution to our heritage of motor sport and I have enjoyed and appreciated our working relationship since 2013, and I am sure that it will be a great success in the next challenge he decided to take on. ”

“Our philosophy has always been that a winning team is a dynamic organization and that the change is a natural part of the development of each company.

“I am particularly pleased that we were able to work together to create a new management structure, building on the strength and depth of the team in Brixworth. This puts us in a very strong position for years to come, while we aim to establish new standards in Formula 1 and in Formula E.”

“After 16 years pleasant to work for PPH, I decided that the time had come to leave my role and seeking a new challenge for engineering,” added Cowell.

“I appreciated the opportunity to work with Markus and Toto to define the future management structure of the company and I have every confidence in the ability of Hywel and the team to run the company.

“It was an absolute honor to work for Mercedes and, especially, to be director-general of PPH for seven years. Thank you to all those who have offered me amazing opportunities and enjoyable challenges, in particular, Ola Kallenius, who has had the courage to support me. in 2006. “


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