COVID outbreak reported to Bluewater Health


A COVID-19 outbreak has been reported to Bluewater Health after three staff members tested positive for the virus.

The hospital says up to 15 staff members have tested positive at any time since the start of the pandemic.

Communications chief Julia Oosterman said on June 5 that the province had issued a directive stating that more than two positive virus cases in a 14-day period should be considered an epidemic.

“In the past few days, three employees have tested positive,” said Oosterman. “They belong to a specific unit and that unit has actually been closed. So the epidemic was completely confined to a specific area and we were able to close and manage this unit. ”

Oosterman said the three staff members were isolated from their homes.

“We will test all other potential colleagues, something like that just to make sure everyone is safe,” she said. “And we’re really going to make sure that within the next 48 hours, we catch the whole epidemic with these three people. ”

The institutional epidemic declared by Lambton Public Health is the eighth reported in the community since the start of the pandemic.

Health officials continue to monitor an outbreak that was reported at Vision Nursing Home in Sarnia on April 23. There were 26 reported cases among residents and 28 among staff in the long-term care home.

Ten of the 25 Sarnia-Lambton-related deaths have been linked to the facility.

Lambton Public Health reported 279 confirmed virus cases in the community on Thursday morning and 239 cures.

With files by Colin Gowdy


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