COVID-19 pandemic and taxes threaten Commercial Drive


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Jessica Langer, marketing director of the now-closed Storm Crow Tavern on Commercial Drive, in Vancouver, on June 11. Francis Georgian/PNG

When they posted their announcement on Facebook, over 1000 people, commented in a burst of affection and solidarity.

“We were a community,” said Langer.

The Storm Crow Alehouse Vancouver in the district of Kitsilano remains operational.

Kid tapas has also closed its doors in March. Owner Alexandre Carrière, has declared that his 36-seat restaurant seem to be in his own living room. He took charge of the small breweries, offered performances, met his life partner there, and “I loved every minute of his time as chef-owner.

Quarry cites rent, taxes and municipal regulations as factors that made it impossible to continue. Part of what makes it impossible to do business has been that, like other restaurants in Vancouver, he had to pay the retail price of the alcohol that he sold.

“The people with power and money are making the decisions,” said Quarry.

By the time the pandemic struck, it had already sold the company.

“I’ve cried enough,” Carrière said.

It is not discouraged, however: He plans to take his unique skills and create a restaurant to another place.

He just doesn’t want to be in Vancouver.

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