COVID-19: New cases in Ontario remain weak; Ottawa case trends are “positive”


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Parliament’s spending watchdog said on Wednesday that extending CERB to provide more weeks of payments and allowing people to earn extra income would cost the federal treasury another $ 64 billion.

In a scenario that the Parliamentary Budget Officer examined, the government would recover 50 cents of every dollar earned over $ 1,000 and allow recipients to receive an additional 12 weeks of benefits.

The first cohort of CERB beneficiaries will reach the current limit of 16 weeks early next month.

Budget Director Yves Giroux’s report says that extending the maximum number of weeks to 28 and extending the program to January 2021 would cost approximately $ 57.9 billion.

Meanwhile, Canada and the United States are expected to extend the ban on non-essential travel until the end of July, Reuters said, as the two countries seek to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Washington and Ottawa introduced month-long restrictions in March and renewed them in April and May. The ban, which expires June 21, does not affect trade.

Canadian and American sources said that even if the governments had not yet made a final decision, a further extension was very likely.

– With files from Postmedia, Reuters and The Canadian Press


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