COVID-19 in Quebec: what you need to know Sunday


The last:

  • Quebec has 53,952 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 5,222 people died, an increase of 128 cases and 27 deaths. The government says 13 of the newly reported deaths occurred before June 6.
  • There are 769 people hospitalized (a decrease of 19), including 85 in intensive care (a decrease of 17). Here is a guide to the numbers.
  • Hairdressers, tattoo parlors and other personal care companies will reopen in Montreal and Joliette tomorrow.
  • The City of Montreal has extended its state of emergency until June 19.
  • Outdoor drop-off services will be available in Montreal libraries tomorrow. Return and pickup services will resume inside the libraries on June 22.
  • Shopping centers in the Greater Montreal and Joliette regions will be able to reopen from June 19.
  • As of June 26, tourists will be able to visit the Magdalen Islands by car.

Dinner in restaurants allowed tomorrow

For most of the province, restaurant meals and indoor meetings will be allowed starting tomorrow.

Montrealers and residents of Joliette and L’Épiphanie will have to wait until June 22.

People will also be allowed to congregate indoors in groups of 10 or less as long as they continue to keep a safe distance from each other and make sure to clean the surfaces.

Only businesses licensed to serve food can reopen this month. There is no word on when the bars will be allowed to do the same.

Montreal residents ask for a break on evictions

While the moratorium on evictions from Quebec should be lifted next month, residents of the Parc-Extension neighborhood of Montreal fear that the city’s tight housing market will leave them nowhere to go.

On Saturday, the Parc-Extension Action Committee traveled through the neighborhood to request the suspension of all evictions.

As of July 6, decisions made by the provincial rental council before March 1 can be enforced. More recent decisions can be applied from July 20.

New rules for traveling to the Magdalen Islands

Quebec tourists will be allowed to cross New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island to the Magdalen Islands starting June 26.

Under the new regulations, Quebec tourists will have to complete a government form and have proof of passage on the ferry to and from Souris, PEI. They must also prove that they have accommodation.

On their way, tourists will be allowed to spend a night in New Brunswick. Once in Prince Edward Island, they will have to go directly to the Souris ferry terminal, with the exception of a gas stop.


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