COVID-19: Granville Island plan includes call for staycationers’


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“We need (locals) to notice that we still exist, and that people start coming in and shopping.”

CMHC, Granville Island is working on ways to appeal to local visitors and help tenants capitalize on the outdoor location of open spaces.

“We are the viability of holding a summer outside of the craft market starting in July,” said Lisa Ono, director of public affairs and programming. “We are talking to the tenants about how they might be able to use our outdoor spaces, so as to keep their business going.”

The church also thinks it would be helpful if CMHC was to consider longer-term adjustments to rents on the Island based on a percentage of sales to “reflect the dramatic change that (a) has taken place . ”

“The long-term for the worse case results in there being business on Granville Island, which just doesn’t survive because of these changes,” the Church said. Many of them have been for 30 years, she added, and it has taken as long to build an international reputation as the artisans.

“You cannot rebuild this ecosystem by just popping up new businesses, any more than you can rebuild an old growth forest,” the Church said.

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Social distance to Granville Island. Jason Payne/PNG


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