Covid-19 Fuels Visa The French Dreams For The Disappointed, The Americans


Just before the Covid-19 crisis in boiling, in France, Allison Lounes has been enjoying the best months of his life. The Massachusetts-born founder and chief executive officer of Your Franceformation helps hundreds of people navigate the administrative obstacles to the movement for France.

Suddenly her business–and many people have plans of relocation came to a stop. As the travel ban in Europe and the UNITED states transatlantic travel almost impossible. Asset for Europe the ban prohibits most third of the arrivals from the continent. While the EU restrictions blocked non-essential travel in Europe.

Some people have been arrested rather spectacular in their tracks, mid-move, Lounes said. “I had a customer who has filed for his visa, 5 March, received his visa in the mail on 15 March, has had his flight, scheduled for March 31 and we do not have here until May 12th, when the locking of the end. Simply because his flight has been cancelled. During this time in the united States, she had given notice on his apartment. So she didn’t really have a house over there and it was just to stay with the people.”

Lounes has moved to France as an English teacher in 2009 and stayed for love. Now married with a child, shortly after her arrival she created in Paris Elucidated. As a consultant for Americans moving to France, she says she helps people “align with their dream of life, and obtain the right visa for the creation of the life that they envision.”

Dreams Of Moving Broken With Covid

Only for most of the hopes, dreams, and the life they had planned, it was suddenly broken. “I had barely begun to establish a genuine atmosphere. Then, on 17 March, France has suspended all visa applications indefinitely … I have about a dozen customers who eagerly wait for visa applications to open it again.”

Lounes has been very cautious about getting its customers hope, in the middle of the huge (champion) uncertainty. As Europe became the Covid epicenter, some predict that the borders will remain closed until 2022.

This is no longer the case, that the external borders of the EU re-opening to international travellers from the 1st of July. Yet, the Americans, due to the health emergency in the united States, facing new delays. Other than the students, who will be allowed in.

French Solidarity Prevails For Applicants Of Visa From The American Individualism

In the course of countless video calls, Lounes has tried to keep the files ticking over. But some people, with flights and the consulate appointment is cancelled, the face to start the visa application once more. Something that they are willing to do so if necessary.

Meanwhile, Lounes said that there has been a bit of a “Franceformation” in the mind of the people. Due to the Advantage of the manipulation of Covid, and other recent events. “A lot of people are now looking to make a more permanent move. I think it is hitting home, the differences. The very individualistic American approach through the lock and the “we’re all together,” the French attitude.

“A lot of Americans appreciate the solidarity in France. Having observed the great respect for the lock, and the social distancing.”

So, in the end, it would seem that hundreds of French dreams have been deferred rather than shattering. And Lounes feels there is a silver lining to the travel ban. “I think that it is inspiring a new enthusiasm, and make us realize how lucky we are when we can travel freely … something we have taken for granted.

“I’ve been getting a lot of requests and new customers, so that you usually do not think that this would be the case, because people have no idea of when the borders open again.”

Vive La Difference: The Irresistible French Way Of Life

Lounes practice what it preaches. When it comes to French dreams. She first came to France for a year as a student in 2007, and a teaching assistant for the program. In the year of the return to the house, she is back in Paris. Enrol in the university to the company until his French future.

The differences between the two modes of life have been evident since the beginning. “Instead of paying $40,000 in the UNITED states for a Master’s degree in comparative literature, I have paid 450 euros. With the health insurance thrown in.”

The Life In Purple

Soon, she hopes to be able to help people pursue these French dreams. But to her, it is more The Life in Purple pink. Everything–from the dress she wore to her company logo–are various shades of purple.

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