COVID-19: Edmonton surpasses Calgary in active the number of cases


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MKT, near Whyte Avenue and Gateway Boulevard, has confirmed on Instagram he is in the process of undergoing a self-imposed closure after one of its employees tested positive. The post said the employee is asymptomatic and in self-isolation and the restaurant is the subject of an “electrostatic disinfection.”

Northern Alberta currently has 34 active cases, while the centre of Alberta remains the least hit area in the province, with three cases. Southern Alberta has 20 cases and a total of four cases, do not have a known location.

There are currently 33 people to the hospital, of which seven are in the intensive care units.

Provincial laboratories have conducted a total of 389,405 COVID-19 tests.

In Canada, there were 101,019 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 8,410 deaths, the latest figures from the Government of Canada. Overall, there has been 8,708,008 confirmed cases and 461,715 dead, according to the World Health Organization.

Hinshaw is next scheduled to give a public update on Tuesday.

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