Coventry City live: Ligue 1 clubs’ last matches against EFL deadline


How will MK Dons vote?

MK Dons president Pete Winkelman has confirmed his position on talks to end the Ligue 1 season – revealing that his club will side with the majority when they are called upon to vote.

Coventry City is awaiting the results of the next two EFL votes next week to determine whether or not they will immediately be promoted to the Championship.

The first ballot will see the 71 clubs vote on how shortened league seasons should be completed with points per standard game, the preferred option for EFL.

If this vote went in the direction of City, a second vote would quickly follow to decide if the system should be used to end the campaign this season.

CoventryLive, in collaboration with Ligue 1 of 23 club soccer writers, revealed last month that MK Dons was one of three parties to make a final decision on how they intend to vote.

Doncaster Rovers and Southend United also remained undecided.

And MK Dons has no intention of making his own decision, Winkelman told talkSPORT, and will be voting by majority.


MK Dons President Pete Winkelman will take an open-minded approach in the EFL vote on Monday. (Image: 2012 Getty Images)


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